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Daniel & Silvia Pel

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bible prophecy
revelation's coming climax

Have you ever realized your own limitations when you seek to share Christ? You are not alone. We are often overcome by obstacles we see. However the story of scripture reveals how to go forward in the strength of God. We are invited to make history as we share the gospel because history is ultimately “His-Story”. This keynote sermon was preached on New Years Eve at the ASI Convention, January 2015. 

revelation's coming climax In the beginning God breathed life into the first human being made in His image. In the book of Revelation we encounter a symbolic picture of breath and life being given to a beast who opposes the truth of Jesus. While all the world seems to fall for this counterfeit, the Scriptures reaffirm to us that God is still in control and His plan for the chosen and faithful will prevail. This presentation was held at the Amazing Facts Europe college of evangelism, February 2015.  
a transforming touch

Our lives are transformed when we connect in a living way with our Savior Jesus Christ. Yet there is an enemy of souls seeking to disconnect us continually. No wonder we are encouraged in 1 Timothy 6:12 to “Fight the good fight of faith”. This fight involves strategies to overcome spiritual battles of everyday life. Discover seven strategies that when applied can absolutely transform your life and place you on vantage ground. This sermon was part of the commitment service, held at the ASI New Years Convention 2014, in Norway.

the unhindered gospel

The last word in the book of Acts in Greek is the word akolutos, which literally means, “Unhindered”. Despite of challenges, we trace the birth and growth of the early church. Nothing could stop the gospel from conquering hearts. Yet the last word of the Acts story is to be the watchword of our own story today. What hinders you from experiencing the power of the gospel? What hinders you from proclaiming the kingdom of God? Discover how you can enter the story of Acts and be part of writing the last chapters of earths history, experiencing the gospel, unhindered! This series was filmed in Canada in 2013. 

the shaping factor What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus in an ever-changing culture? The Shaping Factor is a 3 part series of dynamic presentations endeavoring to answer this question as we explore the shaping elements of our lives. Discover how, in the midst of your circumstances and culture, you can make Christ central. This series was filmed at Amazing Discoveries, Canada, in 2013.
beyond tomorrow Politicians, religious leaders, and other influential people that have shaped the age in which we live have made promises. Still financial instability, environmental threats, and global insecurity remain. The question that fills the minds of millions today is: “Who will make it right?” Join on a fascinating journey of discoveries in the past, present, and future as we seek to answer this question. This 20-part seminar was filmed in Canada in 2013.
my dream, His dream

Daniel Pel shares his testimony about how God led him through challenging moments of his life and called him to share the truths of the Bible around the world.

fountainview graduation

Enjoy beautiful music and inspiring Bible presentations recorded at the 2013 graduation of Fountainview Academy in Canada.

a new identity

Have you ever longed for a new start? Are you searching for power in your life to make it happen? The clichés of Christianity have disappointed many, but there is another way. Discover the deep significance and implication of the death and resurrection of Jesus and how it has the impact to change our lives forever! This presentation was filmed at the IMPACT Scandinavia Youth Conference in Sweden.

immune to the gospel Why is it that the Christian world at large has become indifferent to the power and beauty of the gospel? How does it happen that we loose our focus and gradually find ourselves no longer impacted by the truth we once loved and lived for? We will take a serious look at the condition of Christianity as we put our finger on the pulse of our experience. Prepare to be challenged and revived to life through the power of the Word! This presentation was filmed at the IMPACT Scandinavia Youth Conference in Sweden.
the truth about temptation Nobody lives without being tempted, but the question is if we truly understand what it is and how we can resist it. Discover three lies about temptation that are so common in our day and age. Learn practical principles that will help you resist temptation so you can experience self-control in an out of control world.
the hardest prayer

Jesus taught His followers how to pray. The Lord's prayer is repeated millions of times every day by Christians all over the world. Still, Christianity has lost its vital power, and this prayer has become a tradition rather than an experience. Discover how we can make this prayer the very heartbeat of our lives.

the one eyed king

The famous saying goes: In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king. How does this saying fit into the Christian world today? It is so easy to compare ourselves with those around us, but God has a better way. Discover how you can live the true Christian life with both eyes open! This presentation was filmed in Christchurch, New Zealand.

the hebrew mind

Explore what lies at the core of being a follower of Jesus Christ. It involves a whole new way of thinking and living. Discover the philosophical worlds that have shaped our society and the radical call to make the word of God a living experience. This presentation was filmed in Christchurch, New Zealand.

standing on holy ground Discover a new picture of God rooted in the ancient scriptures of the Bible. The encounter between the shepherd Moses and the great “I AM” has something to teach us today. What if all the energy that we put into protecting our reputation could be put into knowing God? What would we find out about Him and how would that change the way we live our lives? This presentation was filmed in Melbourne, Australia.
finishing the race In scripture the Christian life is described as a race with a finishing line. How do we run this race and how do we make it to the end? A new look at the two covenants found in scripture unlocks the answer. Discover the power that God wants you to experience in your Christian walk…or should we say: Race! This presentation was filmed in Vancouver, Canada.  
engaging the age "Engaging the Age: Reviving the Public Evangelistic Campaign" is a seminar that will seek to reclaim the exciting, challenging, effective, and divinely inspired way of evangelism, known as the Public Evangelistic Campaign. We will explore the theological, practical, and personal dimensions involved in organizing, preparing, and preaching an Evangelistic series. These presentations were filmed at GYC Europe in Linz, Austria, 2012.
the unknown God
This 10 part Bible series was held in New Zealand in 2012. With a focus on what it means to be a true follower of Christ this series unmasks some of the deceptive roads of spirituality around us and points us to the path marked out by Jesus Christ.
This 12 part Bible prophecy series was held in 2012 in Denmark. This series gives a panoramic picture of the main prophecies of the Bible presenting them in a simple and understandable way showing that we are living in the end of time.
the unknown God
This 14 part Bible Prophecy series was held in Canada in 2011. With a focus on the books of Daniel and Revelation this series explores the rise and fall of empires leading to the very days in which we are living.  
for such a time as this
This 11 part Bible series was held in Canada in 2011. Covering a wide variety of subjects this series delves into our need of a personal relationship with Christ in the midst of the fulfilling prophecies around us.



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